Low Price / Fast Startup

Our system architecture allows us to provide our payment services at low prices and allows a relatively quick setup time.


We can connect to various types of terminals and large scale transaction data centers with our gateway module.

Specialized Data Management

We offer stress free smooth high speed / high volume settlement processing.


We offer customizable basic plan that we will arrange based on each customer’s needs.


Our passwords, logins, and database all conform to the PCI DSS security standard. We are always reducing the risk of data being comprimised.


We provide POS terminal connections that can handle different switching centers.

Processing Support

We provide support for all the details like proceeds, payment management, bank deposits, etc. We help reduce the paperwork required to adopt our payment system.

Introductory Support

We provide support for all the paperwork and testing required for starting our credit card payment service.
・Credit Card Company Information Sessions
・Testing and Adjusting Terminal Connections
・Switching over to our system from a different system.
・System Initial Settings Support
・Support for all all network service applications.

Customer Service

We provide a customer service 24h help desk support system with our friendly system engineers.