Customers using Terminals

All needed payment options in one device at the store front.

Our CARD CREW PLUS system connects with many different kinds of terminals. Our system has various functions that can be customized to match your customers’ transaction preferences.


・Terminals can do various different payment options all with only one device.

・We can install the terminals using existing store infrastructure like LAN, INS, WiFi, 3G

・Exclusive Client Software to monitor the system at your main office.

・We comply with your requests on scope and structure of our system plan. Our servers have built-in redundancy to perform even under high stress conditions.

・Customer credit card information is encrypted and under strict access regulations. We comply with PCI DSS security standards.

・We will support you on any adjustments or concerns with our technical knowledge of credit card companies and switching centers.

・Even after system installation, our call center is waiting to help you 24h every day of the year. We can remote into your system for maintenance and any adjustments.

Equipped with CARD CREW PLUS Standard Payment Applications

These Terminals listed below are equipped with standard applications that connect with our CARD CREW PLUS system. We can provide these terminals quickly.

  • NEC Infrontia Corporation  SHOPCRAID
  • Fine Fit Design Co., Ltd. TM-P1000