Our Philosophy / Greetings from our CEO

Our Philosophy

We aim to be a company that contributes to society with high quality goods and service, raising customer satisfaction while maintaining good business practices-a company that society cannot be without.

株式会社ジィ・シィ企画 取締役会長

Since Global Communication Planning Co. was established in 1995, we have continued to do business with appreciative hearts.

We are currently, as a group, pursuing recognition in the global world of credit card settlement systems. We are working every day to improve our detailed support and secure settlement system.

This year, every member of GC is working hard together to revolutionize the settlement world. We believe that by continuing to improve our system, we can generate new business opportunities.

In keeping with our corporate statement, we strive to be a company where there are many astonishing and appreciative feelings are born. This is represented by our exclamation point in our logo. We will contribute to society in this way. We will continue to keep appreciative hearts. We will continue to provide inspiring products and new services to our customers. We thank you all for your continuing support and encouragement.

株式会社ジィ・シィ企画 代表取締役社長

I continue to ask myself, is our company a company that society cannot be without? And I have been working on helping each and every one of our employees to also become a person that society depends upon.

As our company name implies, we value all our meetings and ties with the local community, people in and outside of Japan, new ideas and opportunities. Our company has grown because of these ties and we are very grateful for all the people we have encountered while doing our business.

We of course will continue to strive to make better quality products and services to contribute to society but also strive to be an active company that does not fear change or failure.

We look forward to supporting you and thank all of our business partners, customers and contacts for their continued support.